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Details3152004Nakano, Tomoyasu ; Ogata, Jun ; Goto, Masataka ; Hiraga, YuzuruA Drum Pattern Retrieval Method by Voice PercussionPOS 
Details1212004Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Arroyo, JohnEigenrhythms: Drum pattern basis sets for classification and generationPAP 
Details1232004Essid, Slim ; Richard, GaĆ«l ; David, BertrandMusical instrument recognition based on class pairwise feature selectionPAP 
Details4422004Tsai, Wei-Ho ; Wang, Hsin-MinTowards Automatic Identification Of Singing Language In Popular Music RecordingsPAP 
Details4672004Vincent, Emmanuel ; Rodet, XavierInstrument identification in solo and ensemble music using Independent Subspace AnalysisPAP 
Details52004Aigrain, PhilippeWhose future is it?INV 
Details752005Cook, NicholasTowards the complete musicologistINV 
Details992005Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardMATCH: A Music Alignment Tool ChestPOS 
Details1002005Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardMATCH: A Music Alignment Tool ChestPAP492-497
Details4732005West, Kris ; Cox, StephenFinding An Optimal Segmentation for Audio Genre ClassificationPOS 
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