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Details3242006Novello, Alberto ; McKinney, Martin F. ; Kohlrausch, ArminPerceptual Evaluation of Music SimilarityPAP 
Details3252001Ó Maidín, Donncha S. ; Cahill, MargaretScore Processing For MIRPAP59-64
Details3262006Oliver, Nuria ; Kreger-Stickles, LucasPAPA: Physiology and Purpose-Aware Automatic Playlist GenerationPAP 
Details3302001Pachet, François ; Laigre, DamienA Naturalist Approach to Music File Name AnalysisPAP51-58
Details3322005Paiement, Jean-François ; Eck, Douglas ; Bengio, SamyA Probabilistic Model for Chord ProgressionsPAP312-319
Details3332005Paiva, Rui Pedro ; Mendes, Teresa ; Cardoso, AmílcarOn the Detection of Melody Notes in Polyphonic AudioPAP175-182
Details3382003Pampalk, Elias ; Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardExploring music collections by browsing different viewsPAP 
Details3402005Pardo, Bryan ; Sanghi, MananPolyphonic Musical Sequence Alignment for Database SearchPAP215-222
Details3432005Parker, CharlesApplications of Binary Classification and Adaptive Boosting to the Query-By-Humming ProblemPAP245-251
Details3452002Paulus, Jouni ; Klapuri, AnssiMeasuring the similarity of Rhythmic PatternsPAP150-156
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