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Details9212010Duggan, Bryan ; O’Shea, BrendanTunepal – Disseminating a Music Information Retrieval System to the Traditional Irish Music CommunityPAP583-588
Details1142000Dunn, Jon W.Beyond VARIATIONS: Creating a Digital Music LibraryINV2p.
Details6242001Dunn, Jon W. ; Davidson, Mary Wallace ; Isaacson, Eric J.Indiana University Digital Music Library Project: An UpdatePAP137-138
Details1152001Durey, Adriane Swalm ; Clements, Mark A.Melody Spotting Using Hidden Markov ModelsPAP109-117
Details5262007Eck, Douglas ; Bertin-Mahieux, Thierry ; Lamere, PaulAutotagging Music Using Supervised Machine LearningPOS367-368
Details1162005Eck, Douglas ; Casagrande, NormanFinding Meter in Music Using An Autocorrelation Phase Matrix and Shannon EntropyPOS 
Details10552010Eck, Douglas ; Orpinel, Jorge ; Weiss, Ron J. ; Bello, Juan PabloGordon Music Collection Database Management SystemDEM 
Details8722009Eerola, Tuomas ; Lartillot, Olivier ; Toiviainen, PetriPrediction of Multidimensional Emotional Ratings in Music from Audio Using Multivariate Regression ModelsPOS621-626
Details1172004Eerola, Tuomas ; Toiviainen, PetriMIR In Matlab: The MIDI ToolboxPAP 
Details1182003Eggink, Jana ; Brown, Guy J.Application of missing feature theory to the recognition of musical instruments in polyphonic audioPAP 
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