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Details4662005Vignoli, Fabio ; Pauws, SteffenA Music Retrieval System Based on User Driven Similarity and Its EvaluationPAP272-279
Details472005Cambouropoulos, Emilios ; Crochemore, Maxime ; Iliopoulos, Costas S. ; Mohamed, Manal ; Sagot, Marie-FranceA Pattern Extraction Algorithm for Abstract Melodic Representations that Allow Partial Overlapping of Intervallic CategoriesPAP167-174
Details4842005Wood, Gavin ; O'Keefe, SimonOn Techniques for Content-Based Visual Annotation to Aid Intra-Track Music NavigationPAP58-65
Details2312005Kurth, Frank ; Müller, Meinard ; Damm, David ; Fremerey, Christian ; Ribbrock, Andreas ; Clausen, MichaelSyncplayer - An Advanced System for Multimodal Music AccessPAP381-388
Details4632005Vembu, Shankar ; Baumann, StephanSeparation of Vocals from Polyphonic Audio RecordingsPAP337-344
Details3512005Pauws, Steffen ; van der Wijdeven, SanderUser Evaluation of a New Interactive Playlist Generation ConceptPOS 
Details862005Dannenberg, Roger B.Toward Automated Holistic Beat Tracking, Music Analysis and UnderstandingPAP366-373
Details2042005Jensen, Kristoffer ; Xu, Jieping ; Zachariasen, MartinRhythm-Based Segmentation of Popular Chinese MusicPAP374-380
Details3332005Paiva, Rui Pedro ; Mendes, Teresa ; Cardoso, AmílcarOn the Detection of Melody Notes in Polyphonic AudioPAP175-182
Details2632005Lidy, Thomas ; Rauber, AndreasEvaluation of Feature Extractors and Psycho-Acoustic Transformations for Music Genre ClassificationPAP34-41
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