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Details1192004Eggink, Jana ; Brown, Guy J.Extracting Melody Lines From Complex AudioPAP 
Details11572011Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Bay, Mert ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Fujinaga, Ichiro ; De Roure, DavidMusic Structure Segmentation Algorithm Evaluation: Expanding on MIREX 2010 Analyses and DatasetsPAP561-566
Details5202007Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Jones, M. CameronThe Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange ``Do-It-Yourself'' Web ServicePOS323-324
Details1202006Eichner, Matthias ; Wolff, Matthias ; Hoffmann, RüdigerInstrument Classification using HMMPOS 
Details5372007Ellis, Daniel P. W.Classifying Music Audio with Timbral and Chroma FeaturesPOS339-340
Details1212004Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Arroyo, JohnEigenrhythms: Drum pattern basis sets for classification and generationPAP 
Details1222002Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Whitman, Brian ; Berenzweig, Adam ; Lawrence, SteveThe Quest for Ground Truth in Musical Artist SimilarityPAP170-177
Details10442010Ellis, Daniel P. W.; Whitman, Brian ; Jehan, Tristan ; Lamere, PaulThe Echo Nest Musical FingerprintDEM 
Details11842011Ellis, Katherine ; Coviello, Emanuele ; Lanckriet, GertSemantic Annotation and Retrieval of Music Using a Bag of Systems RepresentationPAP723-728
Details1232004Essid, Slim ; Richard, Gaël ; David, BertrandMusical instrument recognition based on class pairwise feature selectionPAP 
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