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Details8972009Costa, Diogo ; Sarmento, Luis ; Gouyon, FabienRAMA: An Interactive Artist Network Visualization ToolDEM 
Details8962009Davis, ElizabethEncoding Music Incipits for Differentiating Works with the Same MetadataDEM 
Details10482010Pugin, LaurentThe Music Inventory DatabaseDEM 
Details10492010Knopke, IanDemonstration of the PerlHumdrum Analysis Toolkit (PHAT)DEM 
Details10472010Vatolkin, Igor ; Theimer, Wolfgang ; Botteck, MartinA Demo of AMUSE (Advanced MUSic Explorer)DEM 
Details10462010Kaneko, Hitomi ; Kawakami, Daisuke ; Sagayama, ShigekiFunctional Harmony Annotation Database for Statistical Music AnalysisDEM 
Details10452010Lidy, ThomasSonarflow: Visual Music Exploration and DiscoveryDEM 
Details10442010Ellis, Daniel P. W.; Whitman, Brian ; Jehan, Tristan ; Lamere, PaulThe Echo Nest Musical FingerprintDEM 
Details10432010Fiebrink, Rebecca ; Cook, PerryThe Wekinator: A System for Real-time, Interactive Machine Learning in MusicDEM 
Details10422010Mearns, Lesley ; Dixon, SimonCharacterisation of Composer Style using High Level Musical FeaturesDEM 
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