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Details3042005Mesaros, Annamaria ; Astola, JaakkoThe Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients in the Context of Singer IdentificationPOS 
Details3082005Mörchen, Fabian ; Ultsch, Alfred ; Nöcker, Mario ; Stamm, ChristianDatabionic Visualization of Music Collections According to Perceptual DistancePAP396-403
Details3372005Pampalk, Elias ; Flexer, Arthur ; Widmer, GerhardImprovements of Audio-Based Music Similarity and Genre ClassificatonPOS 
Details3992005Schedl, Markus ; Knees, Peter ; Widmer, GerhardDiscovering and Visualizing Prototypical Artists by Web-Based Co-Occurrence AnalysisPAP21-28
Details942005Degroeve, Sven ; Tanghe, Koen ; De Baets, Bernard ; Leman, Marc ; Martens, Jean-PierreA Simulated Annealing Optimization of Audio Features for Drum ClassificationPOS 
Details3902005Roy, Pierre ; Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Pachet, François ; Beurivé, AnthonyExploiting the Tradeoff Between Precision and Cpu-Time to Speed Up Nearest Neighbor SearchPAP230-237
Details152005Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Pachet, FrançoisRingomatic: A Real-Time Interactive Drummer Using Constraint-Satisfaction and Drum Sound DescriptorsPAP412-419
Details1552005Goto, Masataka ; Goto, TakayukiMusicream: New Music Playback Interface for Streaming, Sticking, Sorting, and Recalling Musical PiecesPAP404-411
Details2232005Knees, Peter ; Schedl, Markus ; Widmer, GerhardMultiple Lyrics Alignment: Automatic Retrieval of Song LyricsPOS 
Details3972005Scaringella, Nicolas ; Zoia, GiorgioOn the Modeling of Time Information for Automatic Genre Recognition Systems in Audio SignalsPOS 
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