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Details3532004Pedro, Jose ; Tarasov, Vadim ; Batlle, Eloi ; Guaus, Enric ; Masip, JaumeIndustrial audio fingerprinting distributed system with CORBA and Web ServicesPOS 
Details3542006Peeters, GeoffroyChroma-based Estimation of Musical Key from Audio-Signal AnalysisPAP 
Details3552005Peeters, GeoffroyRhythm Classification Using Spectral Rhythm PatternsPOS 
Details3562002Peeters, Geoffroy ; La Burthe, Amaury ; Rodet, XavierToward Automatic Music Audio Summary Generation from Signal AnalysisPAP94-100
Details3572003Pickens, JeremyKey-specific shrinkage techniques for harmonic modelsPOS 
Details3582000Pickens, JeremyA Comparison of Language Modeling and Probabilistic Text Information Retrieval Approaches to Monophonic Music RetrievalPAP11p.
Details3592005Pickens, JeremyClassifier Combination for Capturing Musical VariationPOS 
Details3602005Pickens, Jeremy ; Iliopoulos, Costas S.Markov Random Fields and Maximum Entropy Modeling for Music Information RetrievalPAP207-214
Details3612002Pickens, Jeremy ; Bello, Juan Pablo ; Monti, Giuliano ; Crawford, Tim ; Dovey, Matthew J. ; Sandler, Mark ; Byrd, DonaldPolyphonic Score Retrieval Using Polyphonic Audio Queries: A Harmonic Modeling ApproachPAP140-149
Details3622002Pienimäki, AnnaIndexing Music Databases Using Automatic Extraction of Frequent PhrasesPAP25-30
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