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Details9692010Miller, Scott ; Reimer, Paul ; Ness, Steven ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeGeoshuffle: Location-Aware, Content-based Music Browsing Using Self-organizing Tag CloudsPAP237-242
Details9682010Hockman, Jason A. ; Fujinaga, IchiroFast vs Slow: Learning Tempo Octaves from User DataPAP231-236
Details9672010Molina, Miguel-Solana ; Grachten, Maarten ; Widmer, GerhardEvidence for Pianist-specific Rubato Style in Chopin NocturnesPAP225-230
Details9662010Miotto, Riccardo ; Orio, NicolaA Probabilistic Approach to Merge Context and Content Information for Music RetrievalPAP15-20
Details9652010Ganseman, Joachim ; Scheunders, Paul ; Mysore, Gautham J. ; Abel, JonathanEvaluation of a Score-informed Source Separation SystemPAP219-224
Details9642010McKay, Cory ; Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Hockman, Jason A. ; Smith, Jordan B. L. ; Vigliensoni, Gabriel ; Fujinaga, IchiroEvaluating the Genre Classification Performance of Lyrical Features Relative to Audio, Symbolic and Cultural FeaturesPAP213-218
Details9632010Pinto, AlbertoEigenvector-based Relational Motif DiscoveryPAP207-212
Details9622010Conklin, Darrell ; Bergeron, MathieuDiscovery of Contrapuntal PatternsPAP201-206
Details9612010Angeles, Bruno ; McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchiroDiscovering Metadata InconsistenciesPAP195-200
Details9602010Bimbot, Frédéric ; Blouch, Olivier Le ; Sargent, Gabriel ; Vincent, EmmanuelDecomposition Into Autonomous and Comparable Blocks: A Structural Description of Music PiecesPAP189-194
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