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Details3732001Raphael, ChristopherAutomated Rhythm TranscriptionPAP99-107
Details3742002Raphael, ChristopherAutomatic Transcription of Piano MusicPAP15-19
Details3752004Raphael, ChristopherA Hybrid Graphical Model for Aligning Polyphonic Audio with Musical ScoresPAP 
Details3762004Raphael, ChristopherDemonstration of 'Music Plus One'--- a System for Orchestral Musical AccompanimenPOS 
Details3772003Raphael, Christopher ; Stoddard, JoshHarmonic analysis with probabilistic graphical modelsPAP 
Details3782001Raskin, JefMaking Machines PalatableINV 
Details3792002Rauber, Andreas ; Pampalk, Elias ; Merkl, DieterUsing Psycho-Acoustic Models and Self-Organizing Maps to Create a Hierarchical Structuring of Music by Musical StylesPAP71-80
Details3802006Reed, Jeremy ; Lee, Chin-HuiA Study on Music Genre Classification Based on Universal Acoustic ModelsĀ PAP 
Details3812004Reiss, Joshua D. ; Sandler, MarkAudio Issues In MIR EvaluationPAP 
Details3822001Reiss, Joshua D. ; Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Sandler, MarkEfficient Multidimensional Searching Routines for Music Information RetrievalPAP163-171
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