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Details9492010Kelly, Cillian ; Gainza, Mikel ; Dorran, David ; Coyle, EugeneLocating Tune Changes and Providing a Semantic Labelling of Sets of Irish Traditional TunesPAP129-134
Details9482010Weiss, Ron J. ; Bello, Juan PabloIdentifying Repeated Patterns in Music Using Sparse Convolutive Non-negative Matrix FactorizationPAP123-128
Details9472010Schedl, Markus ; Pohle, Tim ; Koenigstein, Noam ; Knees, PeterWhat’s Hot? Estimating Country-specific Artist PopularityPAP117-122
Details9462010Bertin-Mahieux, Thierry ; Weiss, Ron J. ; Ellis, Daniel P. W.Clustering Beat-Chroma Patterns in a Large Music DatabasePAP111-116
Details9452010Lu, Qi ; Chen, Xiaoou ; Yang, Deshun ; Wang, JunBoosting for Multi-Modal Music Emotion ClassificationPAP105-110
Details9442010Collins, Tom ; Thurlow, Jeremy ; Laney, Robin ; Willis, Alistair ; Garthwaite, Paul H.A Comparative Evaluation of Algorithms for Discovering Translational Patterns in Baroque Keyboard WorksPAP3-8
Details9432010Smith, Leigh M.Beat Critic: Beat Tracking Octave Error Identification By Metrical Profile AnalysisPAP99-104
Details9422010Abeßer, Jakob ; Bräuer, Paul ; Lukashevich, Hanna ; Schuller, GeraldBass Playing Style Detection Based on High-level Features and Pattern SimilarityPAP93-98
Details9412010Rump, Halfdan ; Miyabe, Shigeki ; Tsunoo, Emiru ; Ono, Nobutaka ; Sagayama, ShigekiAutoregressive MFCC Models for Genre Classification Improved by Harmonic-percussion SeparationPAP87-92
Details9402010Coviello, Emanuele ; Barrington, Luke ; Chan, Antoni B. ; Lanckriet, GertAutomatic Music Tagging With Time Series ModelsPAP81-86
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