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Details3832003Ricard, Julien ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoUsing morphological description for generic sound retrievalPOS 
Details3842006Riley, Jenn ; Mayer, Constance A.Ask a Librarian: The Role of Librarians in the Music Information Retrieval PAP 
Details3852005Riley, JennExploiting Musical Connections: A Proposal for Support of Work Relationships in a Digital Music LibraryPAP123-129
Details3862006Rizo, David ; Ponce de León, Pedro J. ; Pérez-Sancho, Carlos ; Pertusa, Antonio ; Iñesta, José ManuelA Pattern Recognition Approach for Melody Track Selection in MIDI FilesPAP 
Details3872006Robine, Matthias ; Lagrange, MathieuEvaluation of the Technical Level of Saxophone Performers by Considering the Evolution of Spectral Parameters of the SoundPAP 
Details3882003Roland, PerryDesign patterns in XML music representationPOS 
Details3892000Roland, PerryXML4MIR: Extensible Markup Language for Music Information RetrievalPAP9p.
Details3902005Roy, Pierre ; Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Pachet, François ; Beurivé, AnthonyExploiting the Tradeoff Between Precision and Cpu-Time to Speed Up Nearest Neighbor SearchPAP230-237
Details3912006Ruppin, Adi ; Yeshurun, HezyMIDI Genre Classification by Invariant FeaturesPOS 
Details3922006Ryynänen, Matti ; Klapuri, AnssiTranscription of the Singing Voice in Polyphonic MusicPAP 
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