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Details722006Clifford, Raphael ; Christodoulakis, Manolis ; Crawford, Tim ; Meredith, David ; Wiggins, Geraint A.A Fast, Randomized, Maximum Subset Matching Algorithm for PAP 
Details742006Cont, ArshiaRealtime Multiple Pitch Observation using Sparse Non-Negative ConstraintsPAP 
Details752005Cook, NicholasTowards the complete musicologistINV 
Details772001Cope, DavidComputer Analysis of Musical AllusionsINV 
Details792006Cruz, Fernando William ; Castro, Beatriz Magalhães ; Alonso, Luiza Beth Nunes ; Ferneda, Edilson ; Cunha, Murilo Bastos da ; Brandão, Márcio da Costa P.BDB-MUS: e-music for the preservation of Brazilian Musical HeritagePOS 
Details802004Cruz, Fernando William ; Ferneda, Edilson ; Brandão, Márcio da Costa P. ; Costa, Evandro ; Almeida, Hyggo O. de ; Cunha, Murilo Bastos da ; Sousa Jr., Rafael T. de ; Denicol, João Ricardo E. ; Silva, Carlos Alan P. daA Brazilian Popular Music Oriented Digital Library For Musical Harmony E-LearningPOS 
Details812006Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Bainbridge, David ; Falconer, A.More of an Art than a Science': Supporting the Creation of Playlists and MixesPAP 
Details822005Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Bainbridge, David"The Pain ; the Pain": Modelling Music Information Behavior and the Songs We HatePOS 
Details832005Dalitz, Christophe ; Karsten, ThomasUsing the Gamera Framework for Building a Lute Tablature Recognition SystemPOS 
Details852004Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Hu, NingUnderstanding Search Performance in Query-by-Humming SystemsPAP 
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