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Details232002Barlas, ChrisBeating Babel - Identification, Metadata and RightsINV 
Details8282009Barrington, Luke ; Oda, Reid ; Lanckriet, GertSmarter than Genius? Human Evaluation of Music Recommender SystemsPAP357-362
Details7602008Barrington, Luke ; Yazdani, Mehrdad ; Turnbull, Douglas ; Lanckriet, GertCombining Feature Kernels for Semantic Music RetrievalPAP614-619
Details242001Barthélemy, JérômeFigured Bass and Tonality RecognitionPAP129-136
Details11222011Barthet, Mathieu ; Dixon, SimonEthnographic Observations of Musicologists at the British Library: Implications for Music Information RetrievalPAP353-358
Details252004Basili, Roberto ; Serafini, Alfredo ; Stellato, ArmandoClassification of musical genre: a machine learning approachPOS 
Details262000Batlle, Eloi ; Cano, PedroAutomatic Segmentation for Music Classification using Competitive Hidden Markov ModelsPOS2p.
Details8522009Battenberg, Eric ; Wessel, DavidAccelerating Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Audio Source Separation on Multi-Core and Many-Core ArchitecturesPOS501-506
Details12142012Battenberg, Eric ; Wessel, DavidAnalyzing Drum Patterns Using Conditional Deep Belief NetworksPOS37-42
Details272002Baumann, Stephan ; Klüter , AndreasSuper-Convenience for Non-musicans: Querying MP3 and the Semantic WebPOS297-298
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