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Details492004Cano, Pedro ; Koppenberger, MarkusThe emergence of complex network patterns in music networksPOS 
Details502002Cano, Pedro ; Kaltenbrunner, Martin ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Batlle, EloiOn the Use of FastMap for Audio Retrieval and BrowsingPOS275-276
Details512005Cantone, Domenico ; Cristofaro, Salvatore ; Faro, SimoneOn Tuning the (δ ;α)-Sequential-Sampling Algorithm for δ-Approximate Matching with Alpha-Bounded Gaps in Musical SequencesPOS 
Details522005Cantone, Domenico ; Cristofaro, Salvatore ; Faro, SimoneSolving the (δ,α)-Approximate Matching Problem Under Transposition Invariance in Musical SequencesPOS 
Details572004Celma, ÒscarArchitecture for an MPEG-7 Web BrowserPOS 
Details582005Celma, Òscar ; Ramírez, Miquel ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoFoafing the Music: A Music Recommendation System based on RSS Feeds and User PreferencesPOS 
Details602000Chai, Wei ; Vercoe, BarryUsing User Models in Music Information Retrieval SystemsPOS2p.
Details612005Chai, Wei ; Vercoe, BarryDetection of Key Change in Classical Piano MusicPOS 
Details642003Chew, Elaine ; Chen, Yun-ChingDetermining context-defining windows: Pitch spelling using the spiral arrayPOS 
Details712000Cliff, Dave ; Freeburn, HeppieExploration of Point-Distribution Models for Similarity-based Classification and Indexing of Polyphonic MusicPOS2p.
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