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Details902004Daudet, Laurent ; Richard, GaĆ«l ; Leveau, PierreMethodology and Tools for the evaluation of automatic onset detection algorithms in musicPOS 
Details912004Davies, Matthew ; Plumbley, Mark D.Causal Tempo Tracking of AudioPAP 
Details932003De Mulder, Tom ; Martens, Jean-Pierre ; Lesaffre, Micheline ; Leman, Marc ; De Baets, Bernard ; De Meyer, HansAn auditory model based transcriber of vocal queriesPOS 
Details942005Degroeve, Sven ; Tanghe, Koen ; De Baets, Bernard ; Leman, Marc ; Martens, Jean-PierreA Simulated Annealing Optimization of Audio Features for Drum ClassificationPOS 
Details952006Dehghani, Morteza ; Lovett, Andrew M.Efficient Genre Classification using Qualitative RepresentationsPOS 
Details962005Dhanaraj, Ruth ; Logan, BethAutomatic Prediction of Hit SongsPOS 
Details972003Dixon, Simon ; Pampalk, Elias ; Widmer, GerhardClassification of dance music by periodicity patternsPAP 
Details982004Dixon, Simon ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Widmer, GerhardTowards Characterisation of Music via Rhythmic PatternsPAP 
Details992005Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardMATCH: A Music Alignment Tool ChestPOS 
Details1012005Doets, P. J. O. ; Lagendijk, R. L.Extracting Quality Parameters for Compressed Audio from FingerprintsPOS 
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