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Details5042007Moreau, Arnaud ; Flexer, ArthurDrum Transcription in Polyphonic Music Using Non-Negative Matrix FactorisationPOS353-354
Details5152007Kapur, Ajay ; Percival, Graham ; Lagrange, Mathieu ; Tzanetakis, GeorgePedagogical Transcription for Multimodal Sitar PerformancePOS351-352
Details5932007Peeters, GeoffroySequence Representation of Music Structure Using Higher-Order Similarity Matrix and Maximum-Likelihood ApproachPAP35-40
Details6202007Govaerts, Sten ; Corthaut, Nik ; Duval, ErikMood-ex-Machina: Towards Automation of Moody TunesPOS347-350
Details5032007Skowronek, Janto ; McKinney, Martin F. ; van de Par, StevenA Demonstrator for Automatic Music Mood EstimationPOS345-346
Details6062007Flexer, ArthurA Closer Look on Artist Filters for Musical Genre ClassificationPOS341-344
Details5372007Ellis, Daniel P. W.Classifying Music Audio with Timbral and Chroma FeaturesPOS339-340
Details6022007Little, David ; Raffensperger, David ; Pardo, Bryantp://">A Query by Humming System that Learns from ExperiencePOS335-338
Details6102007Duda, Alexander ; N├╝rnberger, Andreas ; Stober, SebastianTowards Query by Singing/Humming on Audio DatabasesPOS331-334
Details4972007Davis, ElizabethFinding Music in Scholarly Sets and Series: The Index to Printed Music (IPM)POS329-330
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