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Details302005Bello, Juan Pablo ; Pickens, JeremyA Robust Mid-Level Representation for Harmonic Content in Music SignalsPAP304-311
Details322000Bendor, Daniel ; Sandler, MarkTime Domain Extraction of Vibrato from Monophonic InstrumentsPOS2p.
Details12712012Benetos, Emmanouil ; Dixon, Simon ; Giannoulis, Dimitrios ; Kirchhoff, Holger ; Klapuri, AnssiAutomatic Music Transcription: Breaking the Glass CeilingPAP379-384
Details7862009Benetos, Emmanouil ; Holzapfel, André ; Stylianou, YannisPitched Instrument Onset Detection Based on Auditory SpectraPOS105-110
Details11922011Bennett, Christopher ; McNeer, Richard ; Leider, ColbyUrgency Analysis of Audible Alarms in the Operating RoomPAP771-776
Details332003Berenzweig, Adam ; Logan, Beth ; Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Whitman, BrianA large-scale evalutation of acoustic and subjective music similarity measuresPAP99-105
Details6742008Bergeron, Mathieu ; Conklin, DarrellStructured Polyphonic PatternsPAP69-74
Details342006Bergstra, James ; Lacoste, Alexandre ; Eck, DouglasPredicting genre Labels for artists using FreeDB PAP 
Details10162010Bergstra, James ; Mandel, Michael I. ; Eck, DouglasScalable Genre and Tag Prediction with Spectral CovariancePAP507-512
Details352005Bertin, Nancy ; Cheveigné, Alain deScalable Metadata and Quick Retrieval of Audio SignalsPAP238-244
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