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Details13022012Nam, Juhan ; Herrera, Jorge ; Slaney, Malcolm ; Smith, JuliusLearning Sparse Feature Representations for Music Annotation and RetrievalPAP565-570
Details13012012Bosch, Juan J. ; Janer, Jordi ; Fuhrmann, Ferdinand ; Herrera, PerfectoA Comparison of Sound Segregation Techniques for Predominant Instrument Recognition in Musical Audio SignalsPAP559-564
Details13002012Hamel, Philippe ; Bengio, Yoshua ; Eck, DouglasBuilding Musically-relevant Audio Features through Multiple Timescale RepresentationsPAP553-558
Details12992012Coviello, Emanuele ; Vaizman, Yonatan ; Chan, Antoni B. ; LanckrietMultivariate Autoregressive Mixture Models for Music Auto-TaggingPAP547-552
Details12982012Mechtley, Brandon ; Spanias, Andreas ; Cook, PerryShortest Path Techniques for Annotation and Retrieval of Environmental SoundsPOS541-546
Details12972012Hu, Xiao ; Lee, Jin HaA Cross-cultural Study of Music Mood Perception between American and Chinese ListenersPOS535-540
Details12962012Martin, Benjamin ; Brown, Daniel G. ; Hanna, Pierre ; Ferraro, PascalBLAST for Audio Sequences Alignment: A Fast Scalable Cover Identification ToolPOS529-534
Details12952012Song, Yading ; Dixon, Simon ; Pearce, MarcusEvaluation of Musical Features for Emotion ClassificationPOS523-528
Details12942012Rosão Carlos ; Ribeiro, Ricardo ; Martins de Matos, DavidInfluence of Peak Selection Methods on Onset DetectionPOS517-522
Details12932012Devaney, Johanna ; Mandel, Michael I. ; Fujinaga, IchiroA Study of Intonation in Three-Part Singing using the Automatic Music Performance Analysis and Comparison Toolkit (AMPACT)POS511-516
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