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Details1232004Essid, Slim ; Richard, Gaël ; David, BertrandMusical instrument recognition based on class pairwise feature selectionPAP 
Details1262006Fiebrink, Rebecca ; Fujinaga, IchiroFeature Selection Pitfalls and Music ClassificationPOS 
Details1272005Fiebrink, Rebecca ; McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchiroCombining D2K and JGAP for Efficient Feature Weighting for Classification Tasks in Music Information RetrievalPOS 
Details1282006Flexer, Arthur ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardProbabilistic Combination of Features for Music Classification PAP 
Details1322004Frieler, KlausBeat and meter extraction using gaussified onsetsPAP 
Details1362006Garbers, JörgAn Integrated MIR Programming and Testing EnvironmentPOS 
Details1382006Geleijnse, Gijs ; Korst, JanEfficient Lyrics Extraction from the Web POS 
Details1392006Geleijnse, Gijs ; Korst, JanWeb-based Artists CategorizationPAP 
Details1422006Gerhard, DavidUser Interfaces in MIRTUT 
Details1432005Gerhard, DavidPitch Track Target Deviation in Natural SingingPOS 
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