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Details6092007Volk, Anja ; Garbers, Jörg ; van Kranenburg, Peter ; Wiering, Frans ; Veltkamp, Remco C. ; Grijp, Louis P.Applying Rhythmic Similarity Based on Inner Metric Analysis to Folksong ResearchPOS293-296
Details5242007Frieler, KlausVisualizing Music on the Metrical CirclePOS291-292
Details5052007Kuuskankare, Mika ; Laurson, MikaelVivo - Visualizing Harmonic Progressions and Voice-Leading in PWGLPOS289-290
Details5272007Weyde, Tillman ; Wissmann, Jens ; Neubarth, KerstinAn Experiment on the Role of Pitch Intervals in Melodic SegmentationPOS287-288
Details5022007Hamanaka, Masatoshi ; Hirata, Keiji ; Tojo, SatoshiATTA: Implementing GTTM on a ComputerPOS285-286
Details5582007You, Wei ; Dannenberg, Roger B.Polyphonic Music Note Onset Detection Using Semi-Supervised LearningPAP279-282
Details5852007Miotto, Riccardo ; Orio, NicolaA Methodology for the Segmentation and Identification of Music WorksPAP273-278
Details5992007Peng, Wei ; Li, Tao ; Ogihara, MitsunoriMusic Clustering with ConstraintsPAP27-32
Details5792007Peeling, Paul ; Cemgil, A. Taylan ; Godsill, SimonA Probabilistic Framework for Matching Music RepresentationsPAP267-272
Details5762007Kurth, Frank ; Müller, Meinard ; Fremerey, Christian ; Chang, Yoon-ha ; Clausen, MichaelAutomated Synchronization of Scanned Sheet Music with Audio RecordingsPAP261-266
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