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Details10622010Vincent, Emmanuel ; Ono, NobutakaMusic Source Separation and its Applications to MIRTUT 
Details4652004Vignoli, Fabio ; van Gulik, Rob ; van de Wetering, HuubMapping Music In The Palm Of Your Hand, Explore And Discover Your CollectionPAP 
Details4662005Vignoli, Fabio ; Pauws, SteffenA Music Retrieval System Based on User Driven Similarity and Its EvaluationPAP272-279
Details4642004Vignoli, FabioDigital Music Interaction Concepts: A User StudyPAP 
Details9252010Vigliensoni, Gabriel ; McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchiroUsing jWebMiner 2.0 to Improve Music Classification Performance by Combining Different Types of Features Mined from the WebPAP607-612
Details11342011Vigliensoni, Gabriel ; Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Hankinson, Andrew ; Fujinaga, IchiroAutomatic Pitch Recognition in Printed Square-Note NotationPAP423-428
Details4632005Vembu, Shankar ; Baumann, StephanSeparation of Vocals from Polyphonic Audio RecordingsPAP337-344
Details10942011Velasco, Marc J. ; Large, Edward W.Pulse Detection in Syncopated Rhythms Using Neural OscillatorsPAP185-190
Details10322010Velarde, GisselPattern Identification in Melody via WaveletsDEM 
Details10472010Vatolkin, Igor ; Theimer, Wolfgang ; Botteck, MartinA Demo of AMUSE (Advanced MUSic Explorer)DEM 
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