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Details2152002Kim, Ja-Young ; Belkin , Nicholas J.Categories of Music Description and Search Terms and Phrases Used by Non-Music ExpertsPAP209-214
Details1352002Futrelle, Joe ; Downie, J. StephenInterdisciplinary Communities and Research Issues in Music Information RetrievalPAP215-221
Details3502002Pauws, Steffen ; Eggen, BerryPATS: Realization and User Evaluation of an Automatic Playlist GeneratorPAP222-230
Details372002Blandford, Ann ; Stelmaszewska, HannaUsability of Musical Digital Libraries: a Multimodal AnalysisPAP231-237
Details652002Chiariglione, LeonardoTechnology and Art – Putting Things in Context INV238-240
Details1732002Hemmasi, HarrietteWhy not MARC?INV242-248
Details892002Datta, DaveManaging MetadataINV249-251
Details4022002Schreier, EricAbout this Business of MetadataINV252-254
Details1372002Geekie, GordonCarnatic Ragas as Music Information Retrieval EntitiesPOS257-258
Details2972002McPherson, John R.Introducing Feedback into an Optical Music Recognition SystemPOS259-260
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