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Details752005Cook, NicholasTowards the complete musicologistINV 
Details772001Cope, DavidComputer Analysis of Musical AllusionsINV 
Details842001Dannenberg, Roger B.Music Information Retrieval as Music UnderstandingINV139-142
Details892002Datta, DaveManaging MetadataINV249-251
Details922003Davison, StephenThe Sheet Music Consortium: A Specialized Open Archives Initiative harvester projectINV15-15
Details1102001Downie, J. StephenWhither MIR Research: Thoughts about the FutureINV219-222
Details1142000Dunn, Jon W.Beyond VARIATIONS: Creating a Digital Music LibraryINV2p.
Details1732002Hemmasi, HarrietteWhy not MARC?INV242-248
Details1822002Hofstadter, DouglasVariations on the Theme of Musical SimilarityINV 
Details1922000Huron, DavidPerceptual and Cognitive Applications in Music Information RetrievalINV2p.
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