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Details2382000Larson, SteveSearching for Meaning: Melodic Patterns, Combinations, and EmbellishmentsINV1p.
Details2542000Levering, MaryIntellectual Property Rights in Musical Works: Overview, Digital Library Issues and Related InitiativesINV3p.
Details2652001Lindsay, Adam ; Kim, Youngmoo E.Adventures in Standardization, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MPEG-7INV195-196
Details3282003Olson, Tod A.Building Chopin Early Editions [PresentationINV 
Details3522003Pedersen, CharlotteDigital Sheet Music - The Danish Collaborative ProjectINV15-15
Details3782001Raskin, JefMaking Machines PalatableINV 
Details4022002Schreier, EricAbout this Business of MetadataINV252-254
Details4052003Seeger, Anthony"I Found It, How Can I Use It?" - Dealing With the Ethical and Legal Constraints of Information AccessINV3-3
Details4092000Selfridge-Field, EleanorWhat Motivates a Musical Query?INV2p.
Details4562000Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L.Music IR: Past, Present, and FutureINV2p.
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