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Details9762010Urbano, Julián ; Marrero, Mónica ; Martín, Diego ; Lloréns, JuanImproving the Generation of Ground Truths Based on Partially Ordered ListsPAP285-290
Details12382012Urbano, Julián ; Downie, J. Stephen ; McFee, Brian ; Schedl, MarkusHow Significant is Statistically Significant? The case of Audio Music Similarity and RetrievalPAP181-186
Details11652011Urbano, JuliánInformation Retrieval Meta-Evaluation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Music DomainPAP609-614
Details10702011Unal, Erdem ; Chew, Elaine ; Georgiou, Panayiotis ; Narayanan, Shrikanth S.A Perplexity Based Cover Song Matching System for Short Length QueriesPAP43-48
Details12152012Ünal, Erdem ; Bozkurt, Barış ; Karaosmanoğlu, Mustafa KemalN-gram Based Statistical Makam Detection on Makam Music in Turkey Using Symbolic DataPOS43-48
Details4602003Ukkonen, Esko ; Lemström, Kjell ; Mäkinen, VeliGeometric algorithms for transposition invariant content based music retrievalPAP 
Details4582000Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; Zobel, JustinMusic Ranking Techniques Evaluated POS2p.
Details4592003Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; Yap, Yaw WahWas Parsons right? An experiment in usability of music representations for melody-based music retrievalPAP75-79
Details4572002Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; van Schyndel, RonA Review of Factors Affecting Music Recommender SuccessPAP204-208
Details9112009Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; Scholer, Falk ; Suyoto, Iman S. H. ; Somerville, Peter ; Kumar, Dinesh Kant ; Ciesielski, VicRMIT MIRT Research Group Report 2009DEM 
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