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Details1252002Feng, Yazhong ; Zhuang, Yueting ; Pan, YunhePopular Music Retrieval by Independent Component AnalysisPOS281-282
Details4802002Wiggins, Geraint A. ; Lemström, Kjell ; Meredith, DavidSIA(M)ESE: An Algorithm for Transposition Invariant, Polyphonic Content-Based Music RetrievalPOS283-284
Details3702002Pollastri, EmanueleSome Considerations About Processing Singing Voice for Music RetrievalPOS285-286
Details1532002Goto, Masataka ; Hashiguchi, Hiroki ; Nishimura, Takuichi ; Oka, RyuichiRWC Music Database: Popular, Classical and Jazz Music DatabasesPOS287-288
Details202002Bainbridge, David ; McPherson, John R. ; Cunningham, Sally JoForming a Corpus of Voice Queries for Music Information RetrievalPOS289-290
Details3232002Noll, Thomas ; Garbers, Jörg ; Höthker, Karin ; Spevak, Christian ; Weyde, TillmanOpuscope - Towards a Corpus-Based Music RepositoryPOS291-292
Details92002Chaudhary, AmarAn Extensible Representation for PlaylistsPOS293-294
Details2712002Logan, BethContent-Based Playlist Generation: Exploratory ExperimentsPOS295-296
Details272002Baumann, Stephan ; Klüter , AndreasSuper-Convenience for Non-musicans: Querying MP3 and the Semantic WebPOS297-298
Details1092002Downie, J. Stephen ; Cunningham, Sally JoToward a Theory of Music Information Retrieval Queries: System Design ImplicationsPOS299-300
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