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Details1992005İzmirli, ÖzgürTonal Similarity from Audio Using a Template Based Attractor ModelPOS 
Details2002006Jacobson, KurtA Multifaceted Approach to Music Similarity - POS 
Details2012004Jan, Peter ; Lagendijk, R. L.Stochastic Model of a Robust Audio Fingerprinting SystemPOS 
Details2022005Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger ; Hsu, Chao-Ling ; Lee, Hong-RuContinuous HMM and Its Enhancement for Singing/Humming Query RetrievalPOS 
Details2032004Jehan, TristanPerceptual Segment Clustering For Music Description And Time-axis Redundancy CancellationPOS 
Details2122000Kiernan, Francis J.Score-based Style Recognition Using Artificial Neural NetworksPOS2p.
Details2132004Kilian, Jürgen ; Hoos, Holger H.MusicBLAST --Gapped Sequence Alignment for MIRPOS 
Details2162006Kim, Youngmoo E. ; Williamson, Donald S. ; Pilli, SridharUnderstanding and Quantifying the “Album Effect” in Artist IdentificationPOS 
Details2172000Kim, Youngmoo E. ; Chai, Wei ; Garcia, Ricardo ; Vercoe, BarryAnalysis of a Contour-based Representation for Melody POS2p.
Details2192005Kirlin, Phillip B. ; Utgoff, Paul E.VOISE: Learning to Segregate Voices in Explicit and Implicit PolyphonyPOS 
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