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Details6182007Han, Yushen ; Raphael, ChristopherDesoloing Monaural Audio Using Mixture ModelsPOS145-148
Details5342007Lebosse, Jerome ; Brun, LucAudio Fingerprint Identification by Approximate String MatchingPOS143-144
Details6082007Betser, Michaël ; Collen, Patrice ; Rault, Jean-BernardAudio Identification Using Sinusoidal Modeling and Application to Jingle DetectionPOS139-142
Details6172007Mohri, Mehryar ; Moreno, Pedro ; Weinstein, EugeneRobust Music Identification, Detection, and AnalysisPOS135-138
Details4982007Hurley, Neil J. ; Balado, Félix ; McCarthy, Elizabeth P. ; Silvestre, Guénolé C. M.Performance of Philips Audio Fingerprinting under DesynchronisationPOS133-134
Details5072007Fremerey, Christian ; Kurth, Frank ; Müller, Meinard ; Clausen, MichaelA Demonstration of the SyncPlayer SystemPOS131-132
Details6142007Lartillot, Olivier ; Toiviainen, PetriMIR in Matlab (II): A Toolbox for Musical Feature Extraction from AudioPOS127-130
Details6192007Knopke, Ian ; Byrd, DonaldTowards Musicdiff: A Foundation for Improved Optical Music Recognition Using Multiple RecognizersPOS123-126
Details5332007Wei, Bin ; Zhang, Chengliang ; Ogihara, MitsunoriKeyword Generation for LyricsPOS121-122
Details4952007Geleijnse, Gijs ; Korst, JanTool Play Live: Dealing with Ambiguity in Artist Similarity Mining from the WebPOS119-120
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