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Details1182003Eggink, Jana ; Brown, Guy J.Application of missing feature theory to the recognition of musical instruments in polyphonic audioPAP 
Details1462003Gillet, Olivier K. ; Richard, GaëlAutomatic labeling of tabla signalsPAP 
Details1502003Goto, MasatakaMusic scene description project: Toward audio-based real-time music understandingPOS 
Details1522003Goto, Masataka ; Hashiguchi, Hiroki ; Nishimura, Takuichi ; Oka, RyuichiRWC Music Database: Music genre database and musical instrument sound databasePOS 
Details1692003Harford, StevenAutomatic segmentation, learning and retrieval of melodies using a self-organizing neural networkPOS 
Details1742003Heo, Sung-Phil ; Suzuki, Motoyuki ; Ito, Akinori ; Makino, ShozoThree-dimensional continuous DP algorithm for multiple pitch candidates in a music information retrieval systemPOS 
Details2402003Lartillot, OlivierDiscovering musical pattern through perceptual heuristicsPAP89-96
Details2492003Lemström, Kjell ; Mäkinen, Veli ; Pienimäki, Anna ; Turkia, Mika ; Ukkonen, EskoThe C-BRAHMS projectPOS 
Details2512003Lesaffre, Micheline ; Tanghe, Koen ; Martens, Gaëtan ; Moelants, Dirk ; Leman, Marc ; De Baets, Bernard ; De Meyer, Hans ; Martens, Jean-PierreThe MAMI query-by-voice experiment: collecting and annotating vocal queries for music information retrievalPAP65-71
Details2582003Li, Tao ; Ogihara, MitsunoriDetecting emotion in musicPOS 
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