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Details4962007Schedl, Markus ; Widmer, Gerhard ; Pohle, Tim ; Seyerlehner, KlausWeb-Based Detection of Music Band Members and Line-UpPOS117-118
Details5092007Pohle, Tim ; Knees, Peter ; Schedl, Markus ; Widmer, GerhardMeaningfully Browsing Music ServicesPOS115-116
Details5002007McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchirojWebMiner: A Web-Based Feature ExtractorPOS113-114
Details5102007Novello, Alberto ; McKinney, Martin F.Assessment of Perceptual Music SimilarityPOS111-112
Details5182007Gómez, Carlos ; Abad-Mota, Soraya ; Ruckhaus, EdnaAn Analysis of the Mongeau-Sankoff Algorithm for Music Information RetrievalPOS109-110
Details5062007Jensen, Jesper Højvang ; Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Christensen, Mads G. ; Jensen, Søren HoldtEvaluation of Distance Measures Between Gaussian Mixture Models of MFCCsPOS107-108
Details5542007Pampalk, Elias ; Goto, MasatakaMusicSun: A New Approach to Artist RecommendationPAP101-104
Details1762000Herrera-Boyer, Perfecto ; Amatriain, Xavier ; Batlle, Eloi ; Serra, XavierTowards Instrument Segmentation for Music Content Description:a Critical Review of Instrument Classification TechniquesPAP9p.
Details3892000Roland, PerryXML4MIR: Extensible Markup Language for Music Information RetrievalPAP9p.
Details3732001Raphael, ChristopherAutomated Rhythm TranscriptionPAP99-107
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