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Details7912009Ishizaki, Hiromi ; Hoashi, Keiichiro ; Takishima, YasuhiroFull-Automatic DJ Mixing System with Optimal Tempo Adjustment Based on Measurement Function of User DiscomfortPOS135-140
Details7892009Hu, Yajie ; Chen, Xiaoou ; Yang, DeshunLyric-Based Song Emotion Detection with Affective Lexicon and Fuzzy Clustering MethodPOS123-128
Details7902009Seyerlehner, Klaus ; Knees, Peter ; Schnitzer, Dominik ; Widmer, GerhardBrowsing Music Recommendation NetworksPOS129-134
Details7882009Degara-Quintela, Norberto ; Pena, Antonio ; Torres-Guijarro, SoledadA Comparison of Score-Level Fusion Rules for Onset Detection in Music SignalsPOS117-121
Details7872009Baur, Dominikus ; Langer, Tim ; Butz, AndreasShades of Music: Letting Users Discover Sub-Song SimilaritiesPOS111-115
Details7862009Benetos, Emmanouil ; Holzapfel, André ; Stylianou, YannisPitched Instrument Onset Detection Based on Auditory SpectraPOS105-110
Details7842009Kobayashi, YoshiyukiAutomatic Generation of Musical Instrument Detector by Using Evolutionary Learning MethodPOS93-98
Details7852009Holzapfel, André ; Stylianou, YannisRhythmic Similarity in Traditional Turkish MusicPOS99-104
Details7832009Stolzenburg, FriederA Periodicity-Based Theory for Harmony Perception and ScalesPOS87-92
Details7812009Marolt, MatijaProbabilistic Segmentation and Labeling of Ethnomusicological Field RecordingsPOS75-80
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