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Details13132012Weyde, Tillman ; Wolff, DanielInfrastructures and Interfaces for data collection in MIRDEM 
Details13142012Stober, Sebastian ; Thompson, JessicaMusic Imagery IR: Bringing the song on your mind back to your earsDEM 
Details13122012Peeters, Geoffroy ; Urbano, Julián ; Jones, GarethNotes from the ISMIR12 Late-Breaking session on evaluation in music information retrievalDEM 
Details13112012Wolff, Daniel ; Bellec, GuillaumeA Music similarity game prototype using the CASIMIR APIDEM 
Details13052012Rafii, Zafar ; Pardo, BryanMusic/Voice Separation Using the Similarity MatrixPAP583-588
Details13062012Proutskova, Polina ; Rhodes, Christophe ; Wiggins, Geraint A. ; Crawford, TimBreathy or Resonant PAP589-594
Details12992012Coviello, Emanuele ; Vaizman, Yonatan ; Chan, Antoni B. ; LanckrietMultivariate Autoregressive Mixture Models for Music Auto-TaggingPAP547-552
Details13002012Hamel, Philippe ; Bengio, Yoshua ; Eck, DouglasBuilding Musically-relevant Audio Features through Multiple Timescale RepresentationsPAP553-558
Details13012012Bosch, Juan J. ; Janer, Jordi ; Fuhrmann, Ferdinand ; Herrera, PerfectoA Comparison of Sound Segregation Techniques for Predominant Instrument Recognition in Musical Audio SignalsPAP559-564
Details13032012Sébastien, Véronique ; Ralambondrainy, Henri ; Sébastien, Olivier ; Conruyt, NoëlScore Analyzer: Automatically Determining Scores Difficulty Level for Instrumental e-LearningPAP571-576
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