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Details6182007Han, Yushen ; Raphael, ChristopherDesoloing Monaural Audio Using Mixture ModelsPOS145-148
Details6052007Burred, Juan José ; Sikora, ThomasMonaural Source Separation from Musical Mixtures Based on Time-Frequency Timbre ModelsPOS149-152
Details6042007Pinto, Alberto ; van Leuken, Reinier H. ; Demirci, M. Fatih ; Wiering, Frans ; Veltkamp, Remco C.Indexing Music Collections Through Graph SpectraPOS153-156
Details5212007Lai, Catherine ; Fujinaga, Ichiro ; Descheneau, David ; Frishkopf, Michael ; Riley, Jenn ; Hafner, Joseph ; McMillan, BrianMetadata Infrastructure for Sound RecordingsPOS157-158
Details5352007Landone, Christian ; Harrop, Joseph ; Reiss, Joshua D.Enabling Access to Sound Archives Through Integration, Enrichment and Retrieval: The EASAIER ProjectPOS159-160
Details5292007Proutskova, PolinaMusical Memory of the World - Data Infrastructure in Ethnomusicological ArchivesPOS161-162
Details5112007Lanzelotte, Rosana S. G. ; Ballesté, Adriana O. ; Ulhoa, MarthaA Digital Collection of Brazilian LundusPOS163-164
Details5192007Li, Beinan ; Leon, Simon de ; Fujinaga, IchiroAlternative Digitization Approach for Stereo Phonograph Records Using Optical Audio ReconstructionPOS165-166
Details6012007Leitich, Stefan ; Topf, MartinGlobe of Music - Music Library Visualization Using GeosomPOS167-170
Details5012007Tindale, Adam R. ; Sprague, David ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeStrike-A-Tune: Fuzzy Music Navigation Using a Drum InterfacePOS171-172
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