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Details5162007Lamere, Paul ; Eck, DouglasUsing 3D Visualizations to Explore and Discover MusicPOS173-174
Details5362007Hitchner, Stephen ; Murdoch, Jennifer ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeMusic Browsing Using a Tabletop DisplayPOS175-176
Details5282007Knees, PeterSearch & Select - Intuitively Retrieving Music from Large CollectionsPOS177-178
Details5142007Tiemann, Marco ; Pauws, Steffen ; Vignoli, FabioEnsemble Learning for Hybrid Music RecommendationPOS179-180
Details5222007Donaldson, Justin ; Knopke, IanMusic Recommendation Mapping and Interface Based on Structural Network EntropyPOS181-182
Details4992007Ahmaniemi, TeemuInfluence of Tempo and Subjective Rating of Music in Step Frequency of RunningPOS183-184
Details5322007McEnnis, Daniel ; Cunningham, Sally JoSociology and Music Recommendation SystemsPOS185-186
Details5752007Mardirossian, Arpi ; Chew, ElaineVisualizing Music: Tonal Progressions and DistributionsPAP189-194
Details5962007İzmirli, ÖzgürLocalized Key Finding from Audio Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for SegmentationPAP195-200
Details5882007Teodoru, Gabi ; Raphael, ChristopherPitch Spelling with Conditionally Independent VoicesPAP201-206
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