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Details12932012Devaney, Johanna ; Mandel, Michael I. ; Fujinaga, IchiroA Study of Intonation in Three-Part Singing using the Automatic Music Performance Analysis and Comparison Toolkit (AMPACT)POS511-516
Details12912012Salamon, Justin ; Gulati, Sankalp ; Serra, XavierA Multipitch Approach to Tonic Identification in Indian Classical MusicPOS499-504
Details12892012Terrell, Michael ; Fazekas, György ; Simpson, Andrew ; Smith, Jordan B. L. ; Dixon, SimonListening Level Changes Music SimilarityPOS487-492
Details12902012Jure, Luis ; López, Ernesto ; Rocamora, Martín ; Cancela, Pablo ; Sponton, Haldo ; Irigaray, IgnacioPitch Content Visualization Tools for Music Performance AnalysisPOS493-498
Details12882012Kosta, Katerina ; Marchini, Marco ; Purwins, HendrikUnsupervised Chord-Sequence Generation from an Audio ExamplePOS481-486
Details12872012Robertson, AndrewDecoding Tempo and Timing Variations in Music Recordings from Beat AnnotationsPOS475-480
Details12862012Rauber, Andreas ; Schindler, Alexander ; Mayer, RudolfFacilitating Comprehensive Benchmarking Experiments on the Million Song DatasetPOS469-474
Details12832012Bohak, Ciril ; Marolt, MatijaFinding Repeating Stanzas in Folk SongsPOS451-456
Details12842012Giraud, Mathieu ; Groult, Richard ; Levé, FlorenceDetecting Episodes with Harmonic Sequences for Fugue AnalysisPOS457-462
Details12852012O'Hara, Tom ; Schüler, Nico ; Lu, Yijuan ; Tamir, DanInferring Chord Sequence Meanings via Lyrics: Process and EvaluationPOS463-468
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