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Details6092007Volk, Anja ; Garbers, Jörg ; van Kranenburg, Peter ; Wiering, Frans ; Veltkamp, Remco C. ; Grijp, Louis P.Applying Rhythmic Similarity Based on Inner Metric Analysis to Folksong ResearchPOS293-296
Details6162007Antonopoulos, Iasonas ; Pikrakis, Aggelos ; Theodoridis, Sergios ; Cornelis, Olmo ; Moelants, Dirk ; Leman, MarcMusic Retrieval by Rhythmic Similarity Applied on Greek and African Traditional MusicPOS297-300
Details6112007Pikrakis, Aggelos ; Theodoridis, SergiosAn Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition on Tempo Induction from Music RecordingsPOS301-304
Details6132007Chuan, Ching-Hua ; Chew, ElaineA Dynamic Programming Approach to the Extraction of Phrase Boundaries from Tempo Variations in Expressive PerformancesPOS305-308
Details5312007Hu, Xiao ; Bay, Mert ; Downie, J. StephenCreating a Simplified Music Mood Classification Ground-Truth SetPOS309-310
Details6122007Varewyck, Matthias ; Martens, Jean-PierreAssessment of State-of-the-Art Meter Analysis Systems with an Extended Meter Description ModelPOS311-314
Details5232007Cont, Arshia ; Schwarz, Diemo ; Schnell, Norbert ; Raphael, ChristopherEvaluation of Real-Time Audio-to-Score AlignmentPOS315-316
Details5172007Müllensiefen, Daniel ; Lewis, David ; Rhodes, Christophe ; Wiggins, Geraint A.Evaluating a Chord-Labelling AlgorithmPOS317-318
Details6002007Serrà, JoanA Qualitative Assessment of Measures for the Evaluation of a Cover Song Identification SystemPOS319-322
Details5202007Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Jones, M. CameronThe Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange ``Do-It-Yourself'' Web ServicePOS323-324
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