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Details4772006Whiteley, Nick ; Cemgil, A. Taylan ; Godsill, SimonBayesian Modelling of Temporal Structure in Musical AudioPAP 
Details4782004Whitman, Brian ; Ellis, Daniel P. W.Automatic Record ReviewsPAP 
Details4792002Whitman, Brian ; Smaragdis, ParisCombining Musical and Cultural Features for Intelligent Style DetectionPAP47-52
Details4802002Wiggins, Geraint A. ; Lemstr├Âm, Kjell ; Meredith, DavidSIA(M)ESE: An Algorithm for Transposition Invariant, Polyphonic Content-Based Music RetrievalPOS283-284
Details4812006Winget, MeganHeroic Frogs Save the Bow: Performing Musician's Annotation and Interaction Behavior with Written MusicPAP 
Details7352008Winget, MeganThe Liner Notes Digitization Project: Providing Users With Cultural, Historical, and Critical Music InformationPAP457-461
Details12692012Woelfer, Jill Palzkill ; Lee, Jin HaThe Role Of Music in the Lives of Homeless Young People: A Preliminary ReportPAP367-372
Details10582010Wolf, KatieAnna E. ; Chew, ElaineEvaluation of Performance-to-Score MIDI Alignment of Piano DuetsDEM 
Details13112012Wolff, Daniel ; Bellec, GuillaumeA Music similarity game prototype using the CASIMIR APIDEM 
Details12252012Wolff, Daniel ; Stober, Sebastian ; N├╝rnberger, Andreas ; Weyde, TillmanA Systematic Comparison of Music Similarity Adaptation ApproachesPOS103-108
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