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Details5562007Ponce de León, Pedro J. ; Rizo, David ; Iñesta, José ManuelTowards a Human-Friendly Melody Characterization by Automatically Induced RulesPAP437-440
Details5442007Tzanetakis, George ; Jones, Randy ; McNally, KirkStereo Panning Features for Classifying Recording Production StylePAP441-444
Details5502007Karydis, Ioannis ; Nanopoulos, Alexandros ; Papadopoulos, Apostolos N. ; Cambouropoulos, EmiliosVISA: The Voice Integration/Segregation AlgorithmPAP445-448
Details5822007Garbers, Jörg ; van Kranenburg, Peter ; Volk, Anja ; Wiering, Frans ; Veltkamp, Remco C. ; Grijp, Louis P.Using Pitch Stability Among a Group of Aligned Query Melodies to Retrieve Unidentified Variant MelodiesPAP451-456
Details5952007Romming, Christian André ; Selfridge-Field, EleanorAlgorithms for Polyphonic Music Retrieval: The Hausdorff Metric and Geometric HashingPAP457-462
Details5432007Hoashi, Keiichiro ; Ishizaki, Hiromi ; Matsumoto, Kazunori ; Sugaya, FumiakiContent-Based Music Retrieval Using Query Integration for Users with Diverse PreferencesPAP463-466
Details5452007Fujihara, Hiromasa ; Goto, MasatakaA Music Information Retrieval System Based on Singing Voice TimbrePAP467-470
Details5382007Müller, Meinard ; Clausen, MichaelTransposition-Invariant Self-Similarity MatricesPAP47-50
Details5862007Allan, Hamish ; Müllensiefen, Daniel ; Wiggins, Geraint A.Methodological Considerations in Studies of Musical SimilarityPAP473-478
Details5912007Slaney, Malcolm ; White, WilliamSimilarity Based on Rating DataPAP479-484
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