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Details492004Cano, Pedro ; Koppenberger, MarkusThe emergence of complex network patterns in music networksPOS 
Details512005Cantone, Domenico ; Cristofaro, Salvatore ; Faro, SimoneOn Tuning the (δ ;α)-Sequential-Sampling Algorithm for δ-Approximate Matching with Alpha-Bounded Gaps in Musical SequencesPOS 
Details522005Cantone, Domenico ; Cristofaro, Salvatore ; Faro, SimoneSolving the (&delta;,&alpha;)-Approximate Matching Problem Under Transposition Invariance in Musical SequencesPOS 
Details5302007Cao, Chuan ; Li, Ming ; Liu, Jian ; Yan, YonghongSinging Melody Extraction in Polyphonic Music by Harmonic TrackingPOS373-374
Details532005Casagrande, Norman ; Eck, Douglas ; Kégl, BalázsFrame-Level Audio Feature Extraction Using AdaBoostPAP345-350
Details552004Casey, Michael ; Crawford, TimAutomatic Location And Measurement Of Score-based Gestures In Audio RecordingsPAP 
Details542006Casey, Michael ; Slaney, MalcolmSong Intersection by Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search PAP 
Details10512010Casey, Michael ; Topel, Spencer S.Timbre-Based Percussive Rhythm Classification and RetrievalDEM 
Details572004Celma, ÒscarArchitecture for an MPEG-7 Web BrowserPOS 
Details562006Celma, Òscar ; Cano, Pedro ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoAn Audio Crawler Focused on Weblogs DEM 
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