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Details11892011Cabredo, Rafael ; Legaspi, Roberto ; Numao, MasayukiIdentifying Emotion Segments in Music by Discovering Motifs in Physiological DataPAP753-758
Details11882011Vaizman, Yonatan ; Granot, Roni Y. ; Lanckriet, GertModeling Dynamic Patterns for Emotional Content in MusicPAP747-752
Details11872011Davies, Sam ; Allen, Penelope ; Mann, Mark ; Cox, TrevorMusical Moods: A Mass Participation Experiment for Affective Classification of MusicPAP741-746
Details11862011Mann, Mark ; Cox, Trevor ; Li, FrancisMusic Mood Classification of Television Theme TunesPAP735-740
Details11852011Hamel, Philippe ; Lemieux, Simon ; Bengio, Yoshua ; Eck, DouglasTemporal Pooling and Multiscale Learning for Automatic Annotation and Ranking of Music AudioPAP729-734
Details11842011Ellis, Katherine ; Coviello, Emanuele ; Lanckriet, GertSemantic Annotation and Retrieval of Music Using a Bag of Systems RepresentationPAP723-728
Details11832011Sanden, Chris ; Zhang, John Z.An Empirical Study of Multi-Label Classifiers for Music Tag AnnotationPAP717-722
Details11822011Xie, Bo ; Bian, Wei ; Tao, Dacheng ; Chordia, ParagMusic Tagging with Regularized Logistic RegressionPAP711-716
Details11812011Coviello, Emanuele ; Miotto, Riccardo ; Lanckriet, GertCombining Content-Based Auto-Taggers with Decision-FusionPAP705-710
Details11802011Marques, Caio ; Guilherme, Ivan R. ; Nakamura, R. Y. M. ; Papa, Joao P.New Trends in Musical Genre Classification Using Optimum-Path ForestPAP699-704
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