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Details332003Berenzweig, Adam ; Logan, Beth ; Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Whitman, BrianA large-scale evalutation of acoustic and subjective music similarity measuresPAP99-105
Details7852009Holzapfel, André ; Stylianou, YannisRhythmic Similarity in Traditional Turkish MusicPOS99-104
Details9432010Smith, Leigh M.Beat Critic: Beat Tracking Octave Error Identification By Metrical Profile AnalysisPAP99-104
Details10792011Bogdanov, Dmitry ; Herrera, PerfectoHow Much Metadata Do We Need in Music Recommendation? A Subjective Evaluation Using Preference SetsPAP97-102
Details12242012Müller, Meinard ; Jiang, NanzhuA Scape Plot Representation for Visualizing Repetitive Structures of Music RecordingsPOS97-102
Details6782008Skalak, Michael ; Han, Jinyu ; Pardo, BryanSpeeding Melody Search With Vantage Point TreesPAP95-100
Details3562002Peeters, Geoffroy ; La Burthe, Amaury ; Rodet, XavierToward Automatic Music Audio Summary Generation from Signal AnalysisPAP94-100
Details2262001Kornstädt, AndreasThe JRing System for Computer-Assisted Musicological AnalysisPAP93-98
Details7842009Kobayashi, YoshiyukiAutomatic Generation of Musical Instrument Detector by Using Evolutionary Learning MethodPOS93-98
Details9422010Abeßer, Jakob ; Bräuer, Paul ; Lukashevich, Hanna ; Schuller, GeraldBass Playing Style Detection Based on High-level Features and Pattern SimilarityPAP93-98
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