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Details4912004Yoshii, Kazuyoshi ; Goto, Masataka ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Automatic Drum Sound Description for Real-World Music Using Template Adaptation and Matching MethodsPAP 
Details4922004Yoshioka, Takuya ; Kitahara, Tetsuro ; Komatani, Kazunori ; Ogata, Tetsuya ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Automatic Chord Transcription with Concurrent Recognition of Chord Symbols and BoundariesPAP 
Details5582007You, Wei ; Dannenberg, Roger B.Polyphonic Music Note Onset Detection Using Semi-Supervised LearningPAP279-282
Details4932005Yu, Yi ; Watanabe, Chiemi ; Joe, KazukiTowards a Fast and Efficient Match Algorithm for Content-Based Music Retrieval on Acoustic DataPOS 
Details9392010Zaanen, Menno van ; Kanters, PieterAutomatic Mood Classification Using TF*IDF Based on LyricsPAP75-80
Details11982011Zacharakis, Asteris ; Pastiadis, Konstantinos ; Papadelis, Georgios ; Reiss, Joshua D.An Investigation of Musical Timbre: Uncovering Salient Semantic Descriptors and Perceptual DimensionsPAP807-812
Details4942004Zadel, Mark ; Fujinaga, IchiroWeb Services for Music Information RetrievalPAP 
Details12342012Zapata, Jose Ricardo ; Holzapfel, André ; Davies, Matthew ; Oliveira, João Lobato ; Gouyon, FabienAssigning a Confidence Threshold on Automatic Beat Annotation in Large DatasetsPAP157-162
Details6922008Zhang, Edmond ; Cunningham, Sally JoDevelopment of a Music Organizer for ChildrenPAP185-190
Details6682008Zhang, Xinglin ; Gerhard, DavidChord Recognition using Instrument Voicing ConstraintsPAP33-38
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