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Details1422006Gerhard, DavidUser Interfaces in MIRTUT 
Details1432005Gerhard, DavidPitch Track Target Deviation in Natural SingingPOS 
Details1442006Gillet, Olivier K. ; Richard, GaëlENST-Drums: an Extensive Audio-Visual Database for Drum Signal PAP 
Details1452005Gillet, Olivier K. ; Richard, GaëlDrum Track Transcription of Polyphonic Music Using Noise Subspace ProjectionPAP92-99
Details1462003Gillet, Olivier K. ; Richard, GaëlAutomatic labeling of tabla signalsPAP 
Details1472006Gómez, Emilia ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoThe Song Remains the Same: Identifying Versions of the Same Piece using Tonal PAP 
Details1482004Gómez, Emilia ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoEstimating The Tonality Of Polyphonic Audio Files: Cognitive Versus Machine Learning Modelling StrategiesPOS 
Details1492000Good, MichaelRepresenting Music Using XMLPOS2p.
Details1502003Goto, MasatakaMusic scene description project: Toward audio-based real-time music understandingPOS 
Details1512006Goto, MasatakaAIST Annotation for the RWC Music DatabasePOS 
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