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Details11792011Anan, Yoko ; Hatano, Kohei ; Bannai, Hideo ; Takeda, MasayukiMusic Genre Classification Using Similarity FunctionsPAP693-698
Details11782011Papadopoulos, Hélène ; Kowalski, MatthieuSparse Signal Decomposition on Hybrid Dictionaries Using Musical PriorsPAP687-692
Details11772011Henaff, Mikael ; Jarrett, Kevin ; Kavukcuoglu, Koray ; LeCun, YannUnsupervised Learning of Sparse Features for Scalable Audio ClassificationPAP681-686
Details11762011Mayer, Rudolf ; Rauber, AndreasMusic Genre Classification by Ensembles of Audio and Lyrics FeaturesPAP675-680
Details11752011Dieleman, Sander ; Brakel, Philémon ; Schrauwen, BenjaminAudio-based Music Classification with a Pretrained Convolutional NetworkPAP669-674
Details11742011Foucard, Rémi ; Essid, Slim ; Lagrange, Mathieu ; Richard, GaëlMulti-Scale Temporal Fusion by Boosting for Music ClassificationPAP663-668
Details11732011Andén, Joakim ; Mallat, StéphaneMultiscale Scattering for Audio ClassificationPAP657-662
Details11722011Cho, Taemin ; Bello, Juan PabloA Feature Smoothing Method for Chord Recognition Using Recurrence PlotsPAP651-656
Details11712011Yoshii, Kazuyoshi ; Goto, MasatakaA Vocabulary-Free Infinity-Gram Model for Nonparametric Bayesian Chord Progression AnalysisPAP645-650
Details11702011McVicar, Matt ; Ni, Yizhao ; Santos-Rodriguez, Raul ; De Bie, TijlLeveraging Noisy Online Databases for Use in Chord RecognitionPAP639-644
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