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Details1452005Gillet, Olivier K. ; Richard, GaëlDrum Track Transcription of Polyphonic Music Using Noise Subspace ProjectionPAP92-99
Details10782011Ahonen, Teppo E. ; Lemström, Kjell ; Linkola, SimoCompression-based Similarity Measures in Symbolic, Polyphonic MusicPAP91-96
Details12232012Sakaue, Daichi ; Otsuka, Takuma ; Itoyama, Katsutoshi ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Bayesian Nonnegative Harmonic-Temporal Factorization and Its Application to Multipitch AnalysisPOS91-96
Details9552010Konz, Verena ; Müller, Meinard ; Ewert, SebastianA Multi-Perspective Evaluation Framework for Chord RecognitionPAP9-14
Details6282001Fernström, Mikael ; Ó Maidín, Donncha S.Computer-supported Browsing for MIRPOS9-10
Details312000Bello, Juan Pablo ; Monti, Giuliano ; Sandler, MarkTechniques for Automatic Music TranscriptionPAP8p.
Details2402003Lartillot, OlivierDiscovering musical pattern through perceptual heuristicsPAP89-96
Details6772008Müllensiefen, Daniel ; Pearce, Marcus ; Wiggins, Geraint A.A Comparison of Statistical and Rule-Based Models of Melodic SegmentationPAP89-94
Details7832009Stolzenburg, FriederA Periodicity-Based Theory for Harmony Perception and ScalesPOS87-92
Details9412010Rump, Halfdan ; Miyabe, Shigeki ; Tsunoo, Emiru ; Ono, Nobutaka ; Sagayama, ShigekiAutoregressive MFCC Models for Genre Classification Improved by Harmonic-percussion SeparationPAP87-92
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