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Details10402010Chen, RuofengFight Against Variant Tempo: Query by Humming and ClappingDEM 
Details11432011Chen, Ruofeng ; Li, MingMusic Structural Segmentation by Combining Harmonic and Timbral InformationPAP477-482
Details12822012Chen, Ruofeng ; Shen, Weibin ; Srinivasamurthy, Ajay ; Chordia, ParagChord Recognition Using Duration-explicit Hidden Markov ModelsPOS445-450
Details10272010Chen, Ya-Xi ; Klüber, RenéThumbnailDJ: Visual Thumbnails of Music ContentPAP565-570
Details6542004Chew, ElaineMusical Knowledge, Computational Models and RetrievalTUT20p.
Details642003Chew, Elaine ; Chen, Yun-ChingDetermining context-defining windows: Pitch spelling using the spiral arrayPOS 
Details652002Chiariglione, LeonardoTechnology and Art – Putting Things in Context INV238-240
Details10672011Chien, Yu-Ren ; Wang, Hsin-Min ; Jeng, Shyh-KangAn Acoustic-Phonetic Approach to Vocal Melody ExtractionPAP25-30
Details11722011Cho, Taemin ; Bello, Juan PabloA Feature Smoothing Method for Chord Recognition Using Recurrence PlotsPAP651-656
Details662005Chordia, ParagSegmentation and Recognition of Tabla StrokesPAP107-114
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