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Details4372004Tindale, Adam R. ; Kapur, Ajay ; Tzanetakis, George ; Fujinaga, IchiroRetrieval of percussion gestures using timbre classification techniquesPOS 
Details5142007Tiemann, Marco ; Pauws, Steffen ; Vignoli, FabioEnsemble Learning for Hybrid Music RecommendationPOS179-180
Details10592010Tidhar, Dan ; Fazekas, György ; Mauch, Matthias ; Dixon, SimonTemperament Estimation as an MIR taskDEM 
Details8432009Tidhar, Dan ; Fazekas, György ; Kolozali, Sefki ; Sandler, MarkPublishing Music Similarity Features on the Semantic WebPOS447-452
Details7682008Thul, Eric ; Toussaint, GodfriedRhythm Complexity Measures: A Comparison of Mathematical Models of Human Perception and PerformancePAP663-668
Details11052011Thoshkahna, Balaji ; Ramakrishnan, Kalpathi R.A Postprocessing Technique for Improved Harmonic/Percussion Separation for Polyphonic MusicPAP251-256
Details10972011Thoshkahna, Balaji ; Nsabimana, Francois X. ; Ramakrishnan, Kalpathi R.A Transient Detection Algorithm for Audio Using Iterative Analysis of STFTPAP203-209
Details8412009Thompson, Jessica ; McKay, Cory ; Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Fujinaga, IchiroAdditions and Improvements to the ACE 2.0 Music ClassifierPOS435-440
Details11322011Thomas, Verena ; Wagner, Christian ; Clausen, MichaelOCR-based Post-Processing of OMR for the Recovery of Transposing Instruments in Complex Orchestral ScoresPAP411-416
Details8882009Thomas, Verena ; Fremerey, Christian ; Damm, David ; Clausen, MichaelSlave: A Score-Lyrics-Audio-Video-ExplorerPAP717-722
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