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Details12892012Terrell, Michael ; Fazekas, Gy├Ârgy ; Simpson, Andrew ; Smith, Jordan B. L. ; Dixon, SimonListening Level Changes Music SimilarityPOS487-492
Details4352004Terrat, RichardPregroup Grammars for ChordsPOS 
Details5882007Teodoru, Gabi ; Raphael, ChristopherPitch Spelling with Conditionally Independent VoicesPAP201-206
Details4342006Temperley, DavidA Probabilistic Model of Melody PerceptionPAP 
Details10312010Tarrasch, RicardoFrom Theory to Practice: The Development and Application of a Music Classification and Content Personalization Hybrid SystemDEM 
Details4332005Tanghe, Koen ; Lesaffre, Micheline ; Degroeve, Sven ; Leman, Marc ; De Baets, Bernard ; Martens, Jean-PierreCollecting Ground Truth Annotations for Drum Detection in Polyphonic MusicPAP50-57
Details4312003Takeda, Haruto ; Nishimoto, Takuya ; Sagayama, ShigekiAutomatic rhythm transcription from multiphonic MIDI signalsPOS 
Details4322004Takeda, Haruto ; Nishimoto, Takuya ; Sagayama, ShigekiRhythm and Tempo Recognition of Music Performance from a Probabilistic ApproachPAP 
Details4302004Taheri-Panah, Sara ; MacFarlane, AndrewMusic Information Retrieval systems: why do individuals use them and what are their needs?PAP 
Details6972008Symeonidis, Panagiotis ; Ruxanda, Maria ; Nanopoulos, Alexandros ; Manolopoulos, YannisTernary Semantic Analysis of Social Tags for Personalized Music RecommendationPAP219-224
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