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Details762002Cooper, Matthew ; Foote, JonathanAutomatic Music Summarization via Similarity AnalysisPAP81-85
Details11982011Zacharakis, Asteris ; Pastiadis, Konstantinos ; Papadelis, Georgios ; Reiss, Joshua D.An Investigation of Musical Timbre: Uncovering Salient Semantic Descriptors and Perceptual DimensionsPAP807-812
Details11972011Chandrasekhar, Vijay ; Sharifi, Matt ; Ross, DavidSurvey and Evaluation of Audio Fingerprinting Schemes for Mobile Query-by-Example ApplicationsPAP801-806
Details1622005Grund, Cynthia M.Music Information Retrieval, Memory and Culture: Some Philosohpical RemarksPAP8-12
Details11962011Marques, Gonçalo ; Domingues, Marcos A. ; Langlois, Thibault ; Gouyon, FabienThree Current Issues In Music AutotaggingPAP795-800
Details10762011Schnitzer, Dominik ; Flexer, Arthur ; Schedl, Markus ; Widmer, GerhardUsing Mutual Proximity to Improve Content-based Audio SimilarityPAP79-84
Details12212012Yoshii, Kazuyoshi ; Goto, MasatakaInfinite Composite Autoregressive Models for Music Signal AnalysisPOS79-84
Details11952011Hu, Xiao ; Yu, BeiExploring the Relationship Between Mood and Creativity in Rock LyricsPAP789-794
Details11942011McVicar, Matt ; Freeman, Tim ; De Bie, TijlMining the Correlation Between Lyrical and Audio Features and the Emergence of MoodPAP783-788
Details11932011Schmidt, Erik M. ; Kim, Youngmoo E.Modeling Musical Emotion Dynamics with Conditional Random FieldsPAP777-782
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